Parent & Tot Lessons

    Parent & Tot 1 (Red Cross Starfish)

    • 4-12 months. Parents and babies will explore the water together under the watchful eyes of their instructor. They will learn how to safely enter and exit the water and work on getting ready to discover the water safely. Parents will learn how to safely support their child while they play.

    Parent & Tot 2 (Red Cross Duck)

    • 12-24 months. Instructors will lead session to help parents with children learn basic water safety skills in a welcoming environment. Parents are taught how to support their child with assisted entries and exits into water and support them in learning to float and kick. They can celebrate together when the can get their face wet and blow bubbles for the first time.

    Parent & Tot 3 (Red Cross Sea Turtle)

    • 24 months – 2.9 years. Parents will work towards supporting their toddlers in becoming more independent in the water. Getting in, getting out, going under, and floating, parents and toddlers will be introduced to different iterations of these fundamental skills.

CLICK HERE for a swim level conversion chart for YMCA, Red Cross, & Lifesaving Society lessons


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