Public Swimming


Private Lessons & Private Bookings Available for Registration

Please call Nicholas Sheran Pool (403.320.3046) or Stan Siwik Pool (403.320.3054) to register

Full payment is required up front. Lesson Withdrawal Policies apply to Private Lessons. Booking cancellations must be made more than 24 hours

Due to current restrictions with COVID-19, Aqua Stretch and Water Walking have been cancelled

Important Rules for Visiting the Facilities

1. Please bring your own mask: Masks are required to be worn in the facility, including in the changerooms and all low-intensity activities.
2. Please come ready to swim. Changerooms are open. However, to keep the flow in an out of the changerooms going, we are asking that swimmers do a quick change when they get to the pool.
    - You will have access to change after your lesson. However, please keep changing to a quick 5 minute process to allow other guests to use the changerooms.
3. A quick shower before getting in the pool is allowed. However, showering AFTER swimming is not allowed at this time.
4. Limited Lockers are available for use (single use, quarters). Guests can also be given a bin for their belongings to take on deck during their lesson time.
5. Red Cross guidelines require that ALL Pre-School and levels Swim Kids 1 through Swim Kids 4 have a parent or caregiver join their child in the water as Instructors are required to social distance when teaching. Masks are required to be worn by parent/caregiver during lessons.
6. There is no room for spectators at this time.