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How to Register for Public Swimming and Programs

Note: If you are registering for public swimming, please register at least 1 hour before the time you wish to swim and only show up 10 minutes prior to your chosen time. Please shower and be changed into your swimming clothes BEFORE coming to the pool as change rooms are still closed at this time.

1. Go to

2. If you have an account, proceed to Step 3. If not, please try one of the following options:

  • Create an account online

  • On the HOME page, click on “Create Account”
    Fill in all of the boxes including Personal Details, Date of Birth, Contact Details, Login Details, and Address.
    Click “Create”
    Once your primary account is created, click on “Your Name” in the Home Bar. This will open a drop down box.
    Click on “Families and Groups”
    Click on “Add”
    Fill in all of the information. Click “Add”
    Click “Home” (this will take you back to the main page)
  • Call Stan Siwik Pool or Henderson Pool

  • Stan Siwik: 403.320.3054 | Henderson: 403.320.3056
    Please tell the Customer Service Representative that you wish to create a new account and they will help you.
    Please provide the following information: First and Last Name, Date of birth, Gender, Address, Email Address, Phone Number
    New accounts will need to be created for EACH member of your family, particularly the ones that are going to be attending the swim.
    You may need to remind Customer Service Representative to “Reset Password.” This will send an email to you to set up your own password.

3. Click on the “Swimming” box

  • A dialogue box will pop up, telling you that you are leaving a City of Lethbridge operated site, and going to a Recreation Excellence operated site.

  • Click “Proceed”

4. Click on “Public Program”

5. Click on the appropriate Pool - either “Stan Siwik Public Program” or “Henderson Pool Public Program.”

6. On the desired timeslot, click “Details.”

7. Double check that the information is correct.

8. Under the Book Course section of the page, click on “Book” for every member of your Family/Group that will be attending the swim.
  • Please Note, that clicking on “Book” will bring you to the CART page. From there, you click “Continue Shopping.” This will bring you back to Step 5, so make sure that you have done Step 7 to double check information.

9. Once all of your Family/Group has been booked, on the CART page click “Checkout.”

10. Wait for order to finish processing (processing times may vary, depending on data traffic)

11. You should reach the ORDER CONFIRMATION page, which will tell you that your order is processing.

12. If you have registered for public swimming, please visit the front counter when you arrive at Stan Siwik Pool or Henderson Pool to check in and pay for your booking.

After purchase is complete, in order to cancel your online booking or registration, please call the facility where your booking is located.

This way, our customer service representatives can provide you with our best service directly over the phone.

Schedules & Hours of Operation

Henderson Outdoor Pool

2710 Parkside Drive South | 403.320.3056

Stan Siwik Pool

1901- 15th Avenue North | 403.320.3054