Fritz Sick Pool

420 11th Street South

Recreation Excellence
The Fritz Sick Pool is located within south Lethbridge, attached to the Lethbridge Senior Citizen Centre. It is operated by Recreation Excellence on behalf of the City of Lethbridge.
Fall 2023 Lesson Registration opens August 8th at 9:00am.

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    Contact Information

    Hours of Operation

    Statutory Holiday hours may vary. Check "Public Swim Tab" for specific swim times.

      Day Open Hours
      Monday 6:30am-2:00pm
      Tuesday 6:30am-2:00pm
      Wednesday 6:30am-2:00pm
      Thursday 6:30am-2:00pm
      Friday 6:30am-2:00pm
      Saturday Closed
      Sunday Closed

    Pool Information

    • 8 lane 25 m pool
    • Wheelchair ramp into smaller pool (between 3’-4’ depth)
    • Spectator seating in windowed area off the pool deck
    • Automatic lobby front doors
    • Barrier free lobby washrooms
    • Accessible ramp from change rooms
    • Barrier free pool access with pool chair lift and pool entry ramp
    • Please note that the doorways in this facility are very narrow and m??ay not accommodate all wheelchairs.


    Age Group Admission Price
    Infant (0-2 yrs) N/A
    Child (3-12 yrs) $4.25
    Youth (13-17 yrs) $4.75
    Student (18-21 yrs, ID required) $4.75
    Adult (18-59 yrs) $7.00
    Senior (60+ yrs) $5.25
    Family $17.00

Pool Rentals

  • Are you looking for something to do with your co-workers, social group, friends or family? Come & enjoy the opportunity of hosting a birthday party, family or social gathering with a private rental at the pool. It's great fun & best of all it's good for you! Contact the pool directly for pricing & availability.

Pool Pass Options

    Age Group 1 Month 3 Month 6 Month 12 Month
    Infant (0-2 yrs) N/A N/A N/A N/A
    Child (3-12 yrs) $43.50 $75.25 $139.25 $260.50
    Youth (13-17 yrs) $49.25 $87.00 $162.25 $295.25
    Student (18-21 yrs, ID required) $49.25 $87.00 $162.25 $295.25
    Adult (18-59 yrs) $71.50 $133.50 $220.00 $405.25
    Senior (60+ yrs) $55.25 $104.50 $185.25 $335.75
    1 Parent Family $116.75 $179.75 $260.50 $497.75
    Family $149.25 $243.00 $370.50 $694.50

    How To: Create An Account

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    • Enter all account contact information
    • Select Create
    • Add any family members to your account

    How To: Add Family Members to Your Account

    • Select Login in your main menu options
    • Enter your account email address & password
    • Once logged in, select Families and Groups
    • Select Create Group & create a group for your account
    • Once your group is created, select Add to add your family members
    • Fill out your family member's information, and select Add

    How To: Register for Public Swim or Gym

    • Create account
    • Add all family members under Families and Groups
    • Select your pool
    • Read the guidelines
    • Select Public Swim or Gym
    • Check the week's dates to ensure you are on the week you would like to book
    • Go through the schedule to find the swim you'd like to book
    • Select Book Now
    • A pop-up saying Select User will pop up. Click Book Now on the correct name, If blank still select Book Now
    • Confirm the Time you want to swim, click Book Now
    • Once at cart, if booking yourself select Checkout. If booking other family members or more days select Continue Shopping
    • Once back on the schedule, find the swim you want & select Book Now
    • If booking yourself again for a different swim select your name, if booking a different family member select their name and click Book Now
    • Repeat as many times as needed
    • Checkout online to register your space. Payment is taken at the pool front counter at the time of your swim

    How To: Register for Swim Lessons

    • Create account
    • Add all family members under Families and Groups
    • Select your pool
    • Read the guidelines
    • Select your lesson type
    • Enter parameters for a specific lesson, or hit Search to view all lesson options
    • Select Book Now
    • Confirm the dates/ times/ locations of your selected lessons
    • Find your family member attending the lessons in your registered family group members, and select Book
    • Repeat until all of your required lesson registrations are added to your cart
    • Once all lessons are in your cart, select Checkout & pay online using our secure payment window

Please see our public schedule below. At this time, online registrations are not required. Please join us for drop in attendance at the public swim of your choice.

Check our a downloadable version of our pool schedule, lessons & classes in the Recreation & Culture Guide.