Canadian Swim Patrol Lessons

    Rookie Patrol

    • Rookie Patrol lays the foundation of the Swim Patrol program. It includes 4 components: stroke refinement, fitness, first aid, and lifesaving. Stroke refinement is focused on front crawl, back crawl, and breaststroke. Fitness components include a 350-meter workout and 100-meter timed swim. Swimmers will learn about assessing conscious victims, contacting EMS, and treatment for bleeding. Rookie Patrol is rounded off with an introduction to lifesaving skills, including self-rescue techniques, victim recognition, and using throwing assists.

    Ranger Patrol

    • Stroke refinement and underwater proficiency continues to be a focus in Ranger Patrol as it is critical for supporting swimmer fitness. Swimmers can expect their fitness levels to increase as they work towards a 200-meter timed swim. First aid in the Ranger Patrol level includes assessment of unconscious victims, treating for shock, and procedures for obstructed airways. Lifesaving skills are expanded to include object support and non-contact rescues with a buoyant aid.

    Star Patrol

    • Star patrol will prepare swimmers for the Bronze Star Award. Strokes will continue to be refined through completion of the 100-meter swims. It demands good physical conditioning as swimmers will be challenged with a 600-meter workout, 300-meter timed swim, and a 25-meter object carry. First aid at this level focuses on treatment of bone and joint injuries, and respiratory emergencies like asthma and allergic reactions. Lifesaving skills include in water defense methods, rolling over and supporting victims from shallow water, and removing victims from shallow water. Swimmers that complete Star Patrol will be well on their way to becoming bona fide Lifesavers.

CLICK HERE for a swim level conversion chart for YMCA, Red Cross, & Lifesaving Society lessons


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