Adult Lessons


Adult 1

  • Adult swimmers will work towards being able to complete short distance swims (10-15 meters) on their front and back. They will work through swimming stroke fundamentals such as floats, rolls, glides, and kicks. Swimmers will develop their underwater skills as they continue to build their confidence in the water.

Adult 2

  • Adult swimmers will practice different entries into deep water including dives, rolls, and tuck jumps (cannonballs). As they work on building strength and endurance, they will aim to be able to tread water for 1-2 minutes. New underwater skills are introduced such as handstands in shallow water and front somersaults (in water). Swimmers will achieve the Swim to Survive standard by being able to roll into deep water, tread water for 1 minute, and swim 50 meters. In addition to improving their front crawl, back crawl, and whip kick, swimmers will be introduced to breaststroke.

Adult 3

  • Adult swimmers will work towards mastering front crawl, back crawl, and breaststroke. Challenging skills such as shallow dives, stride entries, and compact jumps will be completed as well as a focus on developing lifesaving kicks. Swimmers can expect to improve their fitness level as they work on completing 300-meter workouts and 25-50 meter sprints.



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